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Created in 1964 by the French space agency (c.n.e.s) with modern facilities and three operational launch vehicles enabling launches within 14 day intervals and five simultaneous satellite campaigns, Cgs is a responsive and high performance space center in the world among the best in the world. French Guyana is located on the Guyana plateau along the northeastern coast of South America.
French Guyana is a European region that shares borders with developing countries.
French Guyana covers 163,820 square km and is the smallest country in South America.
Most of the land mast in French Guyana is 94% covers by rain forest.
French Guyana is multi- ethnic with its people originating from Amerindian, European, Local Creole, Laotian Hmong, Haiti, Suriname, Guyana, Brazil and Santo Domingo. French Guyana main cities are Cayenne and Kourou which are located on the central coast. Other center of population is located in the town of St Laurent, which is in the western bordering with Suriname.
The Space Center and Iles Du Salute are located in Kourou, the space center (c.s.g) is 700 sq. km site


Suriname is the only Dutch speaking country in South America and the Caribbean, and it is located on the Guyana plateau along the north-eastern coast side of South America after gaining independence from Netherlands on the 25th of November 1975. With a area of 164.000 square km between the Atlantic Ocean and the Amazon Basin, it exudes a spirit and history that feels Caribbean, African and European. In credibly diverse, Suriname is a home to Amerindians, Maroon, Creoles, Javanese, East Indians, Chinese, Brazilians and the Dutch. When all of these diverse people tradition influences come together, it provides travelers with a truly on paralleled cultural experience. In addition, more than 80% of Suriname is pristine rainforest and lush savanna, which provides exhilarating adventure tours and once in a life time encounters with exotic flora and fauna.


Guyana is a country in north-eastern South America, and is now the third-smallest country in South America after Suriname and Uruguay. The name Guyana comes from the Arawak Wayana tribe and means “Land of many waters”.
Guyana gain independence from Great Britain on May 26th 1966, and comprise a population of 700.000 people, this country is multi- ethnic, with its people originating from India, Africa, China, Europe and the native Amerindian. Christianity, Hinduism and Islam are the main religion practiced in Guyana.

Georgetown is the chief port and capital of Guyana, it is also the retail, financial and administration center.
Georgetown has a year-round hot tropical rain forest climate. Because of its location Georgetown’s temperatures are moderated by the North-East trade winds.