Booking conditions

  • Tours to Guyana and French Guyana is guaranteed on conformation of the reservations to Kaieteur Flight, Space Center tour and Iles Du Salute (Devil Island)catamaran
    If required ?
  • The space center tour is a French speaking tour and can be cancel at any moment without notice.
  • Rocket launch can be cancel through weather conditions.
  • Devil Island catamaran can also be cancel through weather condition.
  • Days of the Rocket launched there will be no visit at the Space Center or Devil Island.
  • There is a minimum of 8 to 12 passenger required for a guarantee Kaieteur flight.
  • Flight Company’s Rules: Kaieteur Tours can be cancel through weather condition (rain) and if they don’t have a full flight.
  • Purchase of visa or tourist card cannot be done on National Holidays.
  • Tours are Exclusive: Travel Insurance, International airfare, Airport Tax, Visa, Tourist Card, and Tips.
  • Yellow Fever vaccination statement is require to enter the 3 Guyana’s.
  • Vaccination against hepatitis B is recommended with stays for over three months.
  • Contact your doctor for information on vaccinations needed for the Guiana’s.
  • Food and health restriction is require.
  • The temperature in the Guiana’s is around 28 degrees Celsius (82°F) and the humidity lies between 80-95% with a rainy and dry seasons.