Visa/Tourist card info

Visa/Tourist card info
What are the differences between the Tourist card and a visa?
The Tourist card can only be used for 1 (one) entry. The Tourist card is a single card. No application form or picture is required.

Visa info
1. Travel visa and passport must have a valid date for at least 6 months.
2. Copie of bio data page of passport.
3. Completed visa application form.
4. Flight itinerary (if required)
5. Hotel reservation/information of privet accommodation.
6. One recent passport sized photograph.
7. Certificate of yellow fever vaccination.
8. Any other documents so requested by Embassy Officials.

A multiple visa is required when visiting Suriname and returning back to continued travel. For expl: Visiting French-Guyana and returning to Suriname.
Visa for Guyana on arrival at the International Airport.

• Hotel reservation
• Flight ticket out of Guyana
• Statements of accounts proving financial means
• Two recent passport sized photograph.
• The itinerary or other forms proving tours in Guyana will also be useful

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